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The Intention of Attention : 07/26/18

howdy friends!

I’m happy to let you know that my TEDx talk, “The Intention of Attention” has been released! In the talk I discuss how a random thrift store find launched me into a multi-year quest exploring how we use photography to capture the moments of our lives, the importance of memory, and the beauty of everyday events.

for those of you that have been reading my blog, you’ll probably recognize that this is about “Found in Kitsap”. and while I’ve written a lot about the project, most of it has been the nuts & bolts of how the project came to be, and how I figured out what to do with all the photos I found. in the talk I discuss WHY I did it. if the “making of” blogs were the “practice” of the project, the TEDx talk is the theory behind it.

the themes that I discuss are ones that I’ve been exploring in my work since college. but when I started, I didn’t know that. I labored to find meaning behind this weird phenomenon of lost cameras and their photos, many of the ideas that had captured my attention in the past began to emerge again. things like: appreciating the beauty in the everyday, looking at the overlooked, and the basic humanity and worth in each of our own personal stories… no matter how big or how small they might seem. I was able to incorporate those into “Found in Kitsap” and through this talk, I was able to share them with the world.

giving the talk was a great experience. it was an exciting challenge to put together the talk and deliver it in front of an audience. as a filmmaker and writer, most of the work I do is crafted and refined before sharing with the public… so it was very exhilarating to step back in to the performance space. hopefully there will be more chances for this in the future.

anyhoo, that’s enough of a preamble. I hope you enjoy my first TEDx talk!


p.s. here is the photo I took on stage!

Hot Wheels City! : 03/16/18

hey friends!

wanted to share a bit of what I’ve been working on the past few months, a super fun stop-motion series called “Hot Wheels City”. I’ve been editing, co-writing, and have even done a few of the voices!

it’s been a blast to get to work with Ross, Kyle, Eric and the rest of the team. once we air our final episode I’ll have some behind the scenes pictures and stories for you all, but until then. please enjoy the first two episodes!


Relativity & Reference : 01/02/18

hey friends,

Happy New Year! hope the holidays were a joyous time for you and your families. I had a very nice break up in Washington State with my family. it even snowed on Christmas Eve! I’m working on my “Top 10” list as well as my favorite photos of the year… but in the meantime, I wanted to share this great video that my sister, Teal, found.

it’s a great reminder that the way we see the world isn’t the way everyone else does… and it’s a good idea to try and keep that in mind.