Shriekfest & BendFILM

howdy friends,

it’s been an exciting last couple of weeks for CERTIFIED. we had a really amazing time at Shriekfest. (we being Kimberley and I… not the “royal” we. haha)

there was an interesting mix of films ranging from the intellectually driven sci-fi PIG to the mocumentary-thriller THE FEED to the normal blood & guts sort of fare that one would expect at a “horror” film festival. the festival did a great job of programming a diverse and interesting group of films.

with the Festival Director Denise Gossett at the Opening Night party.
Shriekfest Red carpet

there were a few shorts that I particularly enjoyed including SUMMER OF THE ZOMBIES a comedic tale about a Vegetarian girl that when turned to a zombie craves only…..produce.

you thought I was going to say “Graaaaaaaaains” didn’t you? =)

it also features the wonderful Barak Hardley – who you may recognize as “Carl” from UPDATING PAIGE.

another one we enjoyed was MY UNDEADLY by Dave Reda. it’s an un unconventional tale of a zombie that craves more than brains. I really can’t tell you too much more than that without spoiling the film… so I won’t.

but what I can do is show you this mocummercial for a zombie fighting product called “The Zomb-Ez.”

… and to top it all off, CERTIFIED won Best Super Short! (film under 10min)

here’s a picture of Kimberley and I with the trophy.

Shriekfest winners!

then this last weekend we went to the BEND Film Festival in… you guessed it, Bend, OR.

Tower Theatre

this was a pretty amazing festival. there was great food, the staff went out of their way to help the filmmakers, the screenings were good, and the town really does love film. I got the chance to chat with so many locales who really enjoy being a part of the festival.

some filmmaker friends
Bend Filmmakers

while I was there I got the chance to explore the area a bit, including a walk by the Deschutes river and a hike up a local peak.

here are some pictures:

Tumalo Hike 01

Tumalo Hike 03

Tumalo Hike 04

and of course, I watched a lot of movies. Some of my favorites included AN ORDINARY FAMILY, DARWIN, and KINYARWANDA.

here’s the trailer for DARWIN.

Darwin – Trailer from Darwin Documentary on Vimeo.

and I’ve very pleased to announce that we’ve been accepted to the Eerie Horror Film Festival!

October 27th-30th in Erie, PA.
Eerie Laurel

should be a pretty great way to spend the Halloween Weekend!!!


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  1. Thanks for the Shout Out…Im one of the Directors of Summer of the Zombies, and we really appreciate all the love we are getting!!!! Sadly I didnt get a chance to see Certified at Shriekfest, will it be in LA anytime soon?

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