rest assured, I always hollar back.

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Adapting Certified : 11/04/16

since the dawn of storytelling people have been adapting, transforming, borrowing, and repurposing tales into new forms. sometimes this adds life to a story, other times the new work is a poor reflection of what…

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Zombieworld Anthology : 02/27/15

hey friends,

quick post today – my short CERTIFIED is part of a new zombie-themed anthology. please be aware, it apparently VERY gory and not for the faint of heart.

that being said, if you…

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to laugh or to scare? : 11/15/13

greetings friends!

I’m extremely happy to let you all know that CERTIFIED was selected by the prodigious site www.ShortoftheWeek.com.

they wrote a really great review of the film, so please head on…

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