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some edits : 08/22/12

hey friends!

I’m back on the road, but thought I’d share a pieces I’ve editing recently.

here is a “brand spot” for a non-profit organization called “Communities in Schools.” it’s a long-form commercial that they were going to use on their website.

Communities In Schools – brand film from mindbomb films on Vimeo.

and this is a music/skateboard video filmed with a bunch of pro-skaters on tour in Central America



radio interview : 06/21/12

howdy friends,

happy first day of Summer!! it’s cool and grey in Los Angeles today…just a little bit of our famous “June Gloom.” personally I don’t mind a little bit of cool ’cause in a couple months it’s gonna be HOT.

tonight I’m going to be doing a live interview on an internet radio station from 7-8pm PST. y’all should tune in right here: http://liveparanormal.com/page/radio-player. I think… it’s actually a little confusing. from what I can tell it will also become a podcast – so I’ll post a link to that too later.

and pretty much unrelated to anything…here’s a fun dance music video thingy!


a music video : 05/10/12

hey friends,

back in LA and hitting the ground running. lots of reading, emails, and meetings. it amazes me how much MORE social I have to be not that I’m freelance. well, I guess that isn’t really that surprising. but still, a much larger portion of each day is spent in communications that when I was a staff editor.

anyhoo, this was one of my favorite music videos of last year – Manchester Orchestra’s “Simple Math.” enjoy!