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alpine coaster : 03/15/12

this looks like an amazing amount of fun.

in prep for a new shoot…hopefully have some goodies for you next week.


street skiing : 02/02/12

howdy intertubians!

well, good news – Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow! that means 10000000 more weeks of winter, right?? sadly, in SoCal winter has yet to arrive. it’s 70ºF in Los Angeles today, which a lot of people would love – but me…I’m longing for some cold, dreary, and rain filled days.

but the good news is the internet has all sorts of snow sports vids to help tide me over until the snow hits (which will be any day…pleeeeease)

last week I saw one of the best SKIING videos I’ve ever viewed. there are several things I really like about it. it is shot beautifully. it is expertly composed with interesting angles, colors, and movements. it is edited extraordinarily well. the rhythm and pacing works perfectly with the song and has a fantastic build up. and last, but not least it is the most like skateboarding I’ve ever seen skiing.

in fact, this is more like skateboarding than most “street” snowboarding. JP’s lines through the town are so creative and playful. he takes what exists in the environment and then skis it. it doesn’t matter what it is. and he puts together LINES (i.e. groups of tricks/stunts/jumps). to me, the ability to assemble an interesting and creative line has always been the mark of a truly great street skater.

enough talk, see for yourself.

*edit* upon watching again I was reminded that the sound design is also FANTASTIC.


a few things to watch : 11/10/11

howdy there. this week I’m going to share a couple things I’ve seen recently and enjoyed. hope you do too.


“Duck Tron” – duct tape and an internet meme

Duck Tron from Ryactive on Vimeo.

“Eye of the Storm” – a steampunky music video