10 tips for SDCC

10 tips for SDCC

greetings friends!

we are just days away from the world famous, San Diego Comic Con. since this is my seventh (eighth?) year going, I thought I’d share a few things that I’ve learned… feel free to add your own tips in the comments below!

10.) remember to hydrate
the convention is actually a pretty easy place to get water. most conference rooms have water and cups. so fill up frequently… especially if you are staying out late on the party circuit.

9.) wear comfortable shoes
you’re going to end up walking… a lot. don’t under estimate the size of the convention center… and how far away you’re going to end up traveling for lunch.

8.) bring a book, a comic, or make a new friend!
there is generally a LOT of waiting at Comic-Con. sometimes it feels like you go from one line to another all day. bring something to read, or better yet chat with your neighbors in line. people from all walks of life travel from all over the world for this convention, so talk to them.

7.) bring snacks
I’ve eaten many a “breakfast” or “lunch” in line for a panel I had to see. raw almonds and balance bars are my two favorite packable snacks. there will be plenty of time for nachos and burgers later, so make the snacks healthy.

6.) get to Hall H early
the decision to venture into Hall H is not one that should be taken lightly. there’s tons of people and some really, really long lines. if you are going to commit to a day inside its walls, get there early. you’ll be inside before the sun starts to bake the line.

5.) put the schedule with your badge
the large guide book might be handy, but there’s no reason to carry it around. circle what you want to see on the program grid, then tear out the page. this will fold up and fit nicely in your badge.

4.) skip Starbucks, go to the cookie cart
have I mentioned the lines at Comic-con? well, the Starbucks are no different. if you need a simple caffeine fix, head to the cookie carts. their drip coffee tastes great, is cheaper, and best of all there’s rarely a wait.

3.) have a 2nd engine
you won’t get into some panels, you won’t get into some parties, so be ready to go with the flow and change plans at a moments notice.

2.) see the Klingon Cosplay thing
one of my favorite Con moments was going into the Klingon Cosplay panel last year. it was just so bizarre. and the people were so into it. and that is one of the wonderful things about the Con. whatever comic, TV show, book series, video game or what-have-you there is a bunch of passionate people who are there to talk about it. so check out something new and strange.

1.) hotels with in walking distance are worth the cash
the ability stop midday to charge your phone, grab a sweater, or drop off collectables should not be undervalued. and don’t forget the all importance of a disco nap between your last panel and your first party.

make sure to visit “Artist Alley” where independent artist hock their wares. it’s one of my favorite parts of the Con. when you buy something from them you are helping support awesome original and unique art. how cool is that?

see you all at the Con!!!


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  • Trenton
    Posted at 17:37h, 16 July Reply

    Funny. And here I was going to text you soon about your tips for SDCC. So efficient you.

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