calvin & hobbes

calvin & hobbes

hello friends!

after a quick trip to Mammoth for some excellent spring skiing I’ve headed up to the PNW to spend a few days with my family. it’s quite nice up here right now, the Cherry Trees, Dogwood, and Tulip Trees are all in full bloom and everything is GREEN GREEN GREEN!!! which is a pretty nice change from Los Angeles “tan.”

this morning I noticed a particular collection of books on the shelf and remembered fondly the many hours I’d spent reading them.

Calvin & Hobbes

but it isn’t just nostalgia, I would list the “Calvin & Hobbes” series as one of my biggest creative influences. or did I respond to the material because it covered the themes and subjects that were inherently interesting to me? I suppose it’s a bit of “chicken & egg” sort of problem.

regardless of which came first, I don’t think one has to look to hard to the influence/similarities in my work. think about CERTIFIED… in part its a film about a kid that imagines a bigger, creepier, and more exciting world than the one they live in. which if you’re familiar with the comic strip, you know is something that Calvin did constantly.

here are a couple short videos that live in the world of the strip.

also interesting is this search engine… with links to actual comic strips!


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