A *new* vintage video! And a Rant! 

A *new* vintage video! And a Rant! 

Hello there my interweb friends!

So last Friday I uploaded the video “Two Friends.” It’s the last of the “lost” footage that my Dad shot in 1978. Pretty amazing to get to cut a story together with super 8 that my Dad shot before I was born. There were even a couple of shots of my Mom, looking very young and beautiful, but not enough to put another piece together.

Two Friends

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Another job fell through this week – a music video that would have been shot in Toronto. Several things were a little frustrating about that…it was a low low budget video, which wasn’t a problem. But their MAIN reference for what they wanted to do was a Feist video that must have had a budget about 100x what they did. So make it just like this…ummm. Then I never talked to the artist just the manager…and apparently they had different ideas of what was wanted for the video, because the manager loved my treatment, but it was too weird for the artist. ahhh well.

In other news, I threw away about 5K in freelance work. I pre-fired the clients. Look, if I ask you a list of questions, and you can’t respond in COMPLETE SENTENCES and then I have to ask you 3 times what your delivery date is and you STILL can’t tell me…um my calendar suddenly got full. Really full. Like forever. I’ve found that working with these sorts of people stresses me out. And frankly, I’d rather work on www.The-Real-Luke.com and not get paid then work for jokers like that.

The other freelance job, despite my best efforts to make it go away is going to hang around. *sigh* It stars a filmmaker/actor who’s name you’ll know, but since I’m talking ish, I’m not going to say. They are trying to change a cut negative…which is a huge process…even a few minor changes will cost tens of thousands of dollars. I’ve been hounding them again and again for a list of these changes: which they have been unable to provide. Is it really that hard to take what you’ve done in an editing room and translate it to a document? Like, I don’t know? An EDL or a change list? If it is as you say “very simple” why are you not able to communicate these “very simple” changes? Isn’t that part of directing a movie, communicating ideas?

Ahh the mysteries of the entertainment industry…it’s like this video, with it’s questionable story telling, shoddy lighting, and overuse of logos, that has played at a bunch of festivals.

In a couple weeks I’m going to SXSW – really looking forward to seeing a lot of music and meeting a bunch of bands. Then after I get back I’m going to shoot my first project with a CGI creature…

Next week…the first part of “The Real Luke” Season 2 will be premiering. So stay tuned=)

I’ll leave you with this awesome commercial.


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