Alaska! part 1…of many.

Alaska! part 1…of many.


finally am digging into the Alaska pics. Right now I’m uploading a video version of The Real Luke to Discovery’s spoof competition. (Thanks to Ray for pointing that one out to me!)

before I went to alaska though, I went home and got to spend a little time with my family and friends. First off we hung out around the house. These next two are literally taken from my folks driveway.

does it makes sense why I wouldn’t want to pay $5 for a thing of berries when I’m used to eating all I want for free? mmmm….driveway berries.

Teal Berry
Luke Berry

next up was a visit with Micah. I picked him up outside of Tacoma where he was spending the weekend, and we drove to downtown Tacoma.

On the way there I saw this…literally part of a suspension bridge.

suspension bridge

Conversation is something we are never at a loss for. I think we talked for the entire time we hung out, pizza, soda, and a couple drinks at the Hilton. Hotel bars are always a good place to chill – they aren’t usually loud, or crowded and have good places to sit.



Teal and I took a couple last minute trips to thrift stores, looking for supplies and on the way, saw a couple interesting signs. In fact, there was something so interesting about these signs – that the entire trip signs stood out to me. So I decided to put them all into story.

Forget what you’ve heard…forget what you know…believe the sign…

halloween comes early

Teal especially like this one…take their junk, go to jail

oh no! my junk!

Luckily this coffee shop will not limit you to 1 dream.


And into AK…

This is actually a real neighborhood in Anchorage…like say, “The Sunset” in SF


Stop walkway abuse! er…wah?

no skating!

Seriously. Don’t. 

no loitering!

Alaska fusion?


Barrow is the “Land Where We Hunt Snowy Owls” (note “skatepark” in background)

I wish I could put bigger quotation marks around the word

I thought this was funny at the time…


Alaska’s got steez, yo.

steeses, pleases

and very literate wildlife…

this is where they grow poulTREES

that’s it for signs…next up Anchorage, Prince William’s Sound, and Girdwood.


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