Alaska! part 2 – Prince William Girds his Anchors!

Alaska! part 2 – Prince William Girds his Anchors!

The second part of my family’s Alaska trip…thanks for being patient everyone. Life has been pretty crazy since
I got back from the trip, so it’s taken me a while. I don’t have any friends visiting…and no productions in the line,
 so hopefully I can get these done in the next week or so, without further ado…
oh, also – I can’t take credit for all these pics, they came from my Mom, Dad, and sister.

Along the Seward Highway…

seward highway

This is the first place we stayed…a ski area was a base elevation of 0’…Alyeska


The view from the top of the tram

girdwood bay
tram ride

Our next stop was a cruise on Prince William Sound…to get there we had to go through
a tunnel that ran on a schedule…every 1/2 hour it switched directions…cars, trucks, even
trains would take turns going through, it’s the longest tunnel like it in the US, 
over 2 miles long.

try holding your breath though THAT!

My Mom took this one.

mom shot

The people working on the boat said they had 6 days like this all season…

cruise mountains
cruise mountains 2
cruise glacier & mountains
cruise glaciers

Something about taking pictures of people taking pictures just tickles me the right way…
I dunno, it just does it for me=)

picture taking party people

Maybe this should have gone in the other blog…interesting note, 99% of the cruise was Japanese and
 so the whole cruise was given in both English & Japanese – but when one the hosts asked everyone for
a moment of silence…it was September 11th after all, her request wasn’t translated…yet every Japanese
 person became completely silent.

She was an interesting lady, short spiky silver hair. She said she’d lost several friends in the attack.
I wondered if she had some high stakes corporate job and after that moved as far away as she could
traded in the business suit and briefcase for a mic and tour uniform in Alaska.


Normally I don’t like to make you pan…but this is worth it.
 Click to see it BIG.
cruise pan

On the way to Anchorage we stopped in several parks, read the signs, learned some stuff, and moved on.
 For instance, I now know that Beavers can see under water thanks to their clear eyelids.

Grandpa & Luke
Mom & Teal

In Anchorage Teal and I went for a mini-adventure which included a trip to Starbucks and random wandering

anchorage box
Teal @ Starbucks

That’s all for tonight…buena notte.


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