Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor

greeting friends!

last week I had the pleasure of getting to visit my sister in Ann Arbor, Michigan. it’s been a while since I’ve visited a university campus, which was on one hand strange, and on the other very familiar. there’s something exciting about the “hallowed halls of learning.” all that learning and stuff, I guess. although, it gets a little less glamorous when you see a ton of students studying on a Sunday evening. I definitely have renewed respect for my sister and her classmates. they work very, very hard!

here are some pictures from my visit.

golden leaves
stats seminar
sidewalk robot

a German, a Mexican, and a Korean walk into a bar… or in this case, argue about Totoro.
Totoro debates
tree face
custom decal

we got to see The Wolverines trounce the Gophers. it was my first ever football game and pretty fun. the seats were rather hard, but the energy was amazing!
the Big House

a formerly empty display, now featuring me! heh.
I'm a display, again
art deco front 2
sunset on stone

next week I’ll have photos from NYC, plus thoughts on some art I saw at the MOCA and Brooklyn Museums!


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