Azrael: Year 7

Azrael: Year 7

hello friends!

I’m very excited to let you know that my short story, “Azrael: Year 7” has been published. this tale is something I’ve been working on for several years, it’s a small part of a much bigger story and world. hopefully sometime in the not too future I’ll be able to dive in and expand this work. but for now, I’m happy that the first glimpse is available for the world to read.

here’s the pitch – “Azrael: Year 7” is a sci-fi short story that follows a blue-collar joe as he struggles to find joy in a world doomed to destruction.

I wanted to tell a story about a normal person facing extraordinary pressures. so much of our lives is about planning for the future – good grades to get into a good college, good college to get a good job, good job to provide for our families, and so on… but what if we didn’t have a future? what if we knew down to the date and time when it would all end? how would that change our outlook on life and the way the world worked?

those are some of the deeper questions that I want to explore with Azrael – and this short story is the first part into that.

I hope you enjoy reading it here at the Rose Red Review.


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