cardboard & chalk

cardboard & chalk

howdy friends,

happy Comic-Con week to you! this will be my 4th year going…last year I felt like I was just hitting my stride with planning and execution of the convention. the only major change for this year… a closer hotel. all the better to facilitate afternoon iPhone recharging and naps. anyhoo, I’ll be talking about #SDCC next week.

this week, here are a couple of things I’ve seen on the interwebz

here’s a video where some nefarious characters battle with “cardboard” weapons… take a look.

I think this video is a perfect example of putting the cart before the horse. these guys have made a visually impressive video. they’ve taken a funny concept- “cardboard” weapons- and added in great vfx.

the different sorts of weapons and the escalating nature of the fight are great.

but story? characters? emotion? these are nowhere to be found.

visual effects should serve the story, not the other way around.

if they’d spent 30 seconds at the beginning developing the characters and setting up say, “a plot,” I’d want to watch this again…instead, I found myself losing focus during the 3.5 minutes. does it work as a visual effects demo? yes. does it work as a short film? no.

take a look at this Milk ad from Japan. it took has cool vfx and an interesting premise…but there is a STORY and we identify with one of the characters. caring about the characters makes it an ultimately more rewarding viewing experience.


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