Questions: a.) Why Chile? b.) Why in July? c.) Won't it be hot there? Answers: a.) Chile has mountains. Lots of mountains. b.) My birthday is in July. c.) In addition to having mountains, Chile is also in the Southern hemisphere...

On the way to the airport my car overheated. 
 Then the parking lot was 2x as expensive as I expected.
 Then my assistant Aria forgot her ID and missed the flight.


Purevolume Ranch. A den of debauchery. Stolen free wine opened with a makeup brush after

The next leg of our adventure was a train ride from Anchorage to Fairbanks. We were
starting in the Costal region and traveling 300+ miles into the interior of Alaska.
 It was going to be a 12 hour train ride. 
This wasn't the first long train ride...


finally am digging into the Alaska pics. Right now I'm uploading a video version of The Real Luke to Discovery's spoof competition. (Thanks to Ray for pointing that one out to me!)

 before I went to alaska though, I went home and got to spend a...