Found in Kitsap out now!

Found in Kitsap out now!

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday season filled with family, food, and festivities. I had a nice trip back to the Pacific Northwest which included an interview with the Kitsap Sun. this was because my found photo book, “Found in Kitsap” has been released!

after much thought, I decided to adapt the hardcover book to the eBook format. the costs on making the big, physical book were just too much–and I wanted to share the project with the world. so I set about learning how to make books for Kindle Fire and iPads. turns out, they are very different processes. weee, learning! haha. it took me a bit, the both versions are done and available.

click on over to for links to both versions.

and, the article in the Kitsap Sun was released today…check it out here.


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