Fuller, Longer, & with shorter sleeves, a production blog

Fuller, Longer, & with shorter sleeves, a production blog

This was one of those projects that almost didn’t happen. Somehow I got the bright idea to shoot this the same weekend as the Yaris commercials…and in the midst of helping my friends Liisa and Clovis move. We shot the actor, Jordan on Saturday…then tried to shoot the rest of the stuff early Monday morning. It wasn’t working out so well, my friend was cranky and she had to go to work…but I was determined to finish the spot. So all the inserts (except the soap) I shot by myself…I wasn’t home, so I didn’t have everything I needed…

For example, in the shot w/ the coffee being poured, I’m wearing one of her shirts. The thing is…she’s waaaaay smaller than me. So the shirt wouldn’t fit across my shoulders. But I could button the cuffs, so I just put the sleeves on. Now, imagine being on a nice walk in Venice, CA on a monday morning and looking into an apartment’s kitchen window and seeing a hairy chested guy filming himself while wearing a shirt just on his arms. Yeahhhh. I wonder what those people I saw walking their dog thought?

Anyhoo…I shelved it for a while, then had my friend Brad cut it.

More projects to come soon.

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