Getty Villa

Getty Villa

greetings friends!

happy first day of Summer!!! last week I had the pleasure of going to the Getty Villa with my sister, Teal. while we have been to the main Getty campus many times, this was our first visit to the Malibu branch. which interestingly enough was the location of the original museum! it’s kind of art to imagine all the artwork in the current location being crammed into the Villa… but maybe they had less of it then? or it changed more frequently?

it was nice to get over to the beach and smell the sea breeze. sometimes I forget how much the temperature will drop going west, and how nice the air smells.

the first thing you notice about the Villa is how amazing the grounds and building are. it’s almost inconceivable that someone would have built this for a vacation home… in both the 1950’s and in ancient times. it’s modeled after a home in Pompeii that was buried in the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius.

as you may know, I’m a big fan of museums. I’ve been a member of one or another for probably fifteen years, first SAM, now LACMA. I love wondering around, looking at my favorite artist, and being exposed to new work – but “antiquities” really don’t do much for me. I was probably more into the AMAZING floors than the majority of the art work. not really sure why that is, but the old stuff just doesn’t seem to resonate with me emotionally or aesthetically.

at any rate, it is a gorgeous museum and definitely worth the visit… at least once.

some pictures from the visit to follow.



under roses

winged cat

marble floor



beards of antiquity





  • Teal
    Posted at 09:12h, 21 June Reply

    The floors were pretty spectacular! I, like, never knew that marble came in so many colors!

  • Dad
    Posted at 19:04h, 10 July Reply

    Dude you totally rocked the old guy with the beard! He’s all “yeah I’m wavy and straight!!” and you’re like “Yeah but I’m awesome RED and not stuck in marble dude!”

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