Ghost Trackers!

Ghost Trackers!

So Troy, Christian, Joey and myself decided to compete in the National Film Challenge. Friday night they give out the assignment, a genre, a prop, a character, and a line of dialog. We had to deliver a finished film on Monday.

Check out the myspace page for the film, “Tracking Ghosts: An Exposé of Ghost Trackers” here.

Also check out our new production company page

The Network Exec’s (thanks to Pa for the location)

network execs!

Tim one of our execs…


Some of our Ghost Trackers

ghost trackers!

Coco Whittman aka Michael

coco whittman!

The Ghost Trackers

ghost trackers!

Troy, Luke, and Christian

troy luke and christian

Carola fixes the guys up


The “set”

the set


Once Troy got back from Scotland – can’t have a party with out one of the producers/writers/stars…(and casting director to boot), we settled on a time and place…of course the place was Tiny’s KO

The Cast & Crew…

cast and crew!

We’re in the magazine “Hollywood Covered”…look for it in a newstand near you.

hollywood covered

Jen one of our actors, Julie a friend from SF, and myself

jen julie and me

Anita another of our actors, Liisa and Clovis crew (and also from SF, hehe)

anita liisa and clovis crew

Luke and Sarah – one of the Ghost Trackers

luke and sarah

The Director and the Man in the Hat – DP Tom

the director and man in the hat

Ivar Hill Gang, Bory, Luke, and Sue Ann

ivar hill!

ivar hill!

After we screened the film we headed out to the Beauty Bar…drinks, dancing, manicures…it was that kinda night…

I really love the music there…and I haven’t had that much fun dancing in a while…







Finished off the night with some late night thai…


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