Going to Chile

Going to Chile

howdy hi,

just got tickets for my trip to Chile this summer. it’s gonna be an epic summer…er WINTER snowboarding trip in South America. In July. Planning on taking a bunch of Super8 film to document it. Need to run some tests w/ my camera to make sure the exposure and focusing is accurate. You just never know w/ thrift store cameras.

there is a place in Burbank that will transfer to HD…is that overkill for Super8. Maaaaaybe. But the pict-o-phile in me is totally salivating over it.

take a look at this. a little green for my taste…but I could fix that in color correction pretty quick.

Sample Super 8 Film Pro8-01 from Phil Vigeant on Vimeo.


  • Peter Dana
    Posted at 21:08h, 23 April Reply

    Great post Luke, and such a coincidence. I was just at Pro 8mm this morning and Lit Post is going to give the royal Digital Intermediate treatment to my Super 8mm film “The Berserker”. I’m transferring it at Pro 8mm with Phil as colorist.

    • Luke
      Posted at 15:09h, 24 April Reply

      That’s awesome. Love to see it when it’s finished.

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