Grandma thinks I’m “pimping”

Grandma thinks I’m “pimping”

Recently I wrote my Grandma and told her about and the girl I made it for. She was pretty happy to hear that I have girlfriend and she had this to say about the site:

I like your web site. However,there must be some new terminology I’m not familiar with, since “pimp” is not a very favorable word. Better clue me in, as I’m very certain you aren’t “pimping” as I know it.


my response


Hehe, yes the colloquial definition of “pimp” has changed a bit…now in slang terms it means roughly “a cool guy who all the ladies like.” So the phrase “pimpin’ ain’t easy” meant “it’s not easy being this cool & desirable to the ladies.” Hence the need for me to “practice my skills.” Does that make sense?”

-Luke “big p.i.m.p.i.n.g.” Joodeechee

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