homeroom sci-fi, part 1

homeroom sci-fi, part 1

hello friends,

a while back I posted an essay I’d written in my 10th grade english class. I was arguing that the class should teach creative writing instead of essay writing. while I got a good grade on the essay – I don’t think it changed my teacher’s mind.

but that didn’t stop me from pursuing creative writing. recently I found this hand-written sci-fi story in an old binder. it’s complete with maps, drawings of spaceships, and character lists. I’m fairly certain that I wrote it in homeroom. there is no “class” written anywhere on it… and if it were an actual assignment I’d have typed it up on our PC.

I’m in the process of transcribing the story… by which I mean that I plan to start transcribing it sometime soon… haha. but in the meantime. here are two pages of the “supplementals.”


pretty sure “Karl the cutie” was not part of my original list… I wonder who added that? =)


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