iPhone pics from 2010

iPhone pics from 2010

hey friends,

ever since 2003 when my parents gave me a Canon Powershot 400 for a graduation present I’ve rarely been without a camera. I loved it’s small size. I love the image that it created. and I loved having a technical limit to what I could do. there were certain photos that could NOT be taken with the camera. the lens and sensor had limits and it was fun to explore and push the limits of what it could do.

when I got my first iPhone in 2008 I started to carry my Powershot (a newer one) around with me less. now, I only take the Powershot out for location scouting, film shoots, and travel. the camera on my phone has proved to be a great substitute. plus, I don’t wear as baggy of pants…so only having one device is a plus. but I digress.

the iPhone is a limited camera. it can only accomplish SO much. and that is part of why I like it. there are numerous Apps available that will change the image, give it a look, enhance it, etc… but I don’t use any of those. I want the raw image, a photo that says – this is what it looked like.

here are some of my favorite pictures taken during 2010 with the iPhone 3GS.

3rd eye

empty jack

ice beards

silverlake invader

dream day

location scout

galactic pimpin' ain't easy

clown grab

game time

flower rays

hollywood sunset

next week I’ll be posting my new “Director’s Reel.”

until then,


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  • GG
    Posted at 20:32h, 25 February Reply

    I’m looking forward to your new Director’s Reel!
    I just got a Powershot G-12, my last one was a G-3. I bet you can guess who got me the camera. = )
    My photos aren’t anywhere near as artsy as yours – I enjoy seeing your unique perspective.

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