January production update 

January production update 

Howdy there interweb friends,

I’m trying something new this year: a weekly blog where I’ll talk about filmmaking, movies I’ve seen, art that has inspired me, music I’ve just got turned onto, etc…thoughts and comments always welcome.

Been doing a bunch of preproduction and research this week. Trying to shoot a music video and short film in NYC in the next month or so. If there are any production peeps in NYC, I’d love to meet you…friends of friends are great too.

I’ll talk more about these 2 projects as things firm up…

I’d really like to get another video finished before SXSW…it wouldn’t hurt to have another one in the bag in order to better hustle my wares.

Speaking of which, who all is going? Holla! 

Other than that, tomorrow I’m mixing “The Real Luke: Season 2,” so expect those episodes to start dropping soon. And I finished “2 Friends,” the other “lost” film that my Dad shot in 1978. This one was never actually edited, so I did the first cut on it…once I get some credits on it that will be going online too.

Here’s a video I saw today that’s a great example of what creativity, time, and some tech knowledge can do.


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