Laptops, Flapjacks, and Plaid; The Real Luke story 

Laptops, Flapjacks, and Plaid; The Real Luke story 

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I just updated it with pictures and stories from my Alaska adventures.

The Real Luke came together for several reasons – the first being that I had a friend who had done something similar. I was pretty dang poor, and didn’t think I could get a Christmas present for her…so I decided to make something that showed her my “true life.”

My sister Teal and I went out in the woods and spent a few hours taking pics. Then I spent some time trying to find really bad bad websites. Eventually I found one that was just right by searching “Bubba + Hunter” then looking at images in a google image search….

After I built the site and showed it around, people started asking me – “why don’t you make a short film?” And I didn’t have a good reason not too – so the next time I was home, I convinced Teal to back into the woods with me. Heh, I think I told her it would only take an hour. Or maybe she said she could only help for an hour. Let’s just say we went into “Golden Time” but I didn’t get charged extra. I guess that’s one of the benefits of exploit…er I mean “hiring” relatives. Teal is the best!

I sat on the project for a while, then my friend Ray told me about a contest that the Discovery Channel was having. He said this would be a perfect take on Survivor Man. I watched the show and afterwards I wasn’t sure who was more ridiculous – me or him. But I had the form for my piece. I wrote the voice over and recorded in my apartment. Then I had my friend Rus score it. Rus has done numerous projects for me – ZMO, Drive to the Border, Coming To…he never fails to amaze me how he can produce whatever style & genre of music I ask for.

The project was done…or so I thought until I showed it to a girl that calls herself Ferrari. She suggested adding a “GettyImages” watermark to something that I had shot…it was a good idea.

And that was that…it was included on my Year in Review DVD – but this is the first public offering of the video.

The Real Luke Video

For a pretty quicktime of it, click here.



Thanks to Jeremy who was my assistant editor and split up all them clips for me.

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