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(naturally) online now! 

Hello there interweb friends!

Happy President’s Day!

This was a good week. I finished up “Two Friends,” the last one of the projects that my Dad shot in 1978. Expect that online next week. 

There’s a couple websites interested in featuring the “Rotten Apples” video, I’m pretty stoked about that – and once it happens I’ll be sure to post the link to you all.

The shoot in NYC fell thru…I needed a bit more money from the label in order to pull it off in such short notice. They weren’t comfortable paying that much right now – soooo it got postponed for a date TBD.

The best thing though is that is finally up and online! It’s been a long long time in coming. It took me 3 web designers before I finally found one who could do it. Not that the first two couldn’t – it’s just that they were friends doing me a “favor.” Unfortunately that put me pretty low on the list of priorities. A valuable lesson for me…but a really long time in making my site a reality. I really like working w/ Kenny of Mey:design he did great work and he did it quickly. It’s amazing what happens when you pay people.

Check out the site, let me know what you think. There are a couple videos on there that aren’t on the myspace page…and of course, everything is in glorious quicktime.


p.s. plus photos and a short story!

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