music & past projects

music & past projects

Greetings and Salutations my interweb friends!!

In the midst of laying off an hour of black. seriously.

The last two weeks I’ve gotten to see a bunch of music, here’s a quick rundown for you.

Ratatat w/ e*rock & panther

E*rock was decent, maybe a little too dancy to start of the night with. Panther was really unbelievably bad. The signing was off key, there were no real lyrics just the same thing repeated over and over, and the music was simple and repetitive. Maybe it’s an inside joke that I wasn’t getting…or maybe whoever booked the show didn’t listen to the band first. 

The Union Line and The Local Natives with Venus Infers. This was my first time seeing Venus Infers. I really liked their music. Good, hard straight up rock. Kind of in the Brit-pop vein but without getting overly melodic. But seriously, 4 guys playing rock with the name “Venus?” It makes me think of a sad emo band w/ a chick drummer. The Union Line and The Local Natives were stellar again. I highly recommend checking them out.

Last night I saw Les and The Now at King King in Hollywood. Les has got some pretty amazing moves. Like James Brown amazing movies. I’m looking forward to seeing them play again.

I’ll leave you with a couple of amazing commercials.

A couple years ago I worked for one of the robbers editing his short film.

“Leo” Movie – Director -Joseph Reitman – video powered by Metacafe

Actually I think I got fired from that film. I cut the film, they needed to do reshoots and were going to call me after they shot. But they never called. Or responded to my emails.

Oh! I just found the film on IMDB. Watch it here. It was originally supposed to be a pilot…and they cut it down to 12 minutes. The film suffers for it. The script was made to be 22 minutes long. Making it 12 hurts the character arc and turns scenes into mere vignettes. A lot of the humor and subtlety is lost as it has to speed from one scene to another. It’s so quick that you never really get to know the personality of Leo – which I thought was the best and most charming part of the show. 

Oh well, the makeup still looks fantastic.


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