new shoot and an update to 

new shoot and an update to 

hello there interwebian friends!

I hope you all are having a wonderful memorial day.

Some new stuff happening, tonight I just finished updating one of my websites,

It was a minor revamp of the site, I added the videos, my iceberg battle with a polar bear, and my trip to Japan.

It was a while ago that I went to Japan, so this update has been a bit in the making. I got held up with doing the drawings that would take me from Alaska TO Japan. Then one day it hit up me, that I had a friend who was a much better illustrator than myself. So I wrote up a little draft and sent a script and notes over to my friend Ben

Here’s a couple before/afters



Check out the site for the rest.

Two weekends ago, I went out to the high desert w/ a couple of members of Sirens & Sailors to shoot a guerrilla style super8 music video.

We got there a little earlier and hung out for bit. Ann scored us some beers from some dirt bikers, and I tried to take a nap. (Which isn’t the easiest thing to do w/ dirt bikes rowwwr’ing about)


Thanks were going pretty good. We found a great location, the light was killer, and we’d just done really long tracking move thru prickly succulents when…


Ms. Park Ranger and her meat-headed, white shirt wearing side kick showed up. She accused us of destroying plants. We denied it. We said we’d tossed a couple dead ones out of the way, but didn’t hurt anything living. Then she asked what were were doing.

Well, it was pretty obvious we weren’t just walking around. Tripod, boom-box, super8, and two girls dressed in cute little skirts. So we said we were shooting some super8, because Ann was visiting from Washington. We just kinda left out the whole “music video” part of it. Not that it really mattered. She still told us that we had to leave the park. 

I wasn’t very shocked about this, but the girls were really surprised that we needed a permit to shoot something so small on public land. 

“That’s California for you.” I replied.

The whole thing about us “destroying plant life” seemed highly suspect. 

First of all, were we really possibly able to do more damage then the 4 wheelers, jeeps, and dirt bikes?

Second of all was the non-ranger meathead with her. I smell a rat. Probably he saw the girls walking around the camp ground earlier and thought we looked suspiscious. 

At any rate, we still got a little more than a roll shot off.


We left the park and headed out. We drove around the edge of the park looking for somewhere else we could shoot, and low and behold, we found a spot in between a frontage road, I5, and the back of a service station. If I shot it right (and I think I did) you’ll never be able to tell.

location 2
cast & crew

I haven’t seen the footage yet, so we might need to shoot a bit more…

At any rate, here’s a cute little video I just was shown. It’s a little girl watching my video for Voxhaul Broadcast’s ‘Rotten Apples.’



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