hey folks,

I’m up and waiting for the USA vs. CZE hockey quarter final. it starts in about an hour and I’m pretty excited. the last week and half have been a delightful Olympics haze. luckily, the event has corresponded with me finishing up a draft of a screenplay AND being in between full-time editing work. so I’m free to stay up past midnight and get up at 4am as much as I want.

naturally, I’m going to root for Team USA, but what happens when they aren’t in the competition? (or it’s obvious that we aren’t going to win)

so how do I pick? I’ve found I have some patterns in who I cheer for, and here’s the breakdown of them:

1.) Canada
our brothers & sisters to the North are my 1st choice after the USA, after all they are practically our largest “state.”
2.) Germany
my last name may be Corsican (which is kind of French, kind of Italian) but thanks to my Grandma I feel like I’m more German than French. plus I really like the way they play soccer.
3.) France
I do still have relatives in France, so they do get my support.
4.) New Zealand & Australia
because Kiwis and Ozzies are the best, their competitors always have such great attitudes.
5.) Denmark
how can you not love the Orangemen? it’s a tiny country with no mountains that loves sports where they get to go fast.
6.) the “Home” team
yeah, I’ll root for Russia, ’cause its always nice for the home town crowd to see their guys & gals win.
7.) the Cutest
and finally, if none of the other factors is in play – I’ll root for whoever I think is the most fetching. I mean, have you SEEN the Russian women’s curling team??? *swoon*
8.) the Odd Balls
be it Malta in the bobsleigh or Brazil in the giant slalom – it’s fun to root for a country that you wouldn’t expect in the event because they always show a lot of heart.

there’s just a few more days of Olympics left… and rest assured, I’ll be glued to my computers watching as much hockey, short track speed skating, and as many gravity powered sports as my internet can take!


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