pickups & new shoots

pickups & new shoots

howdy friends!

this past week has been a busy one. I shot material for 4 different projects over the course of 3 days!


DP Matt Irwin and I shot the interstitials for the “Dark Crypt of Horror” fundraiser. (DCOH is the comic featured in “Certified.”) I was so impressed with the work that Neil Vokes and his team did – that I decided to make the entire book. but, shooting the movie has tapped my “creative projects” fund. so in order to do so I’ll need some investors. which is where the video comes in. it will be a humorous plea for cash. hehe.

a piggy bank helps convince people to invest.
piggy bank

after that we went to Century City and shot a new end to “APT. 5.” with the help of Ana Clavell, we assembled a little “memorial” and got several different versions of the new final shot. it was rainy and misty out there…and almost as empty as when we last visited. I’ve actually already cut this shot in…and it looks pretty great. hope to do the sound and color on the new edit soon.


work! I went to my day job and did my editing thang.


we headed back to Topanga Canyon for the “Certified” pickups… during the original production we had an issue with our “picture dog.” the first problem probably being that is wasn’t a “picture dog.” the second being that when we went to shoot, it decided to run into the woods and hide. seriously. so what was a pretty important plot point – an approaching dog, was not in the film.

thankfully, one of my friends, Gregg had a dog. and he was gracious enough to come out on a tuesday afternoon and hang out with us. while there, we picked up a few other insert shots that I wanted to get. during the course of the edit I found a couple of moments that could be made better with a few small shots. since we were going back to the location it made sense to get these as well.

it’s pretty common to have the “I wish we had shot _____” moments in post production. sometimes you are lucky enough to be able to go back and get them.

miner pickup

then, during the downtime we filmed a couple pickups for “The Real Luke: Pursuance of Justice.” I’m in the process of cutting together an extended “Hill-Billy Battle” scene. I needed a few shots to tie together the footage we already had.

these include:

• close-up feet stopping and turning
• extreme close-up squinting eyes
• extreme close-up hatchet grip
• POV struggling to get up

it’s going to be a really fun & action packed scene!


so I’ve got a fair amount of editing to do. also, going to get to play around with After Effects on the DCOH video. I’m forcing myself to learn some new techniques for that one. I can visualize what I want to do, but I don’t know how to do it…yet =)

I’ll leave you with this…a great spot from New Zealand that features my favorite mountain dweller.


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