Rustbelt 2011 tour!

Rustbelt 2011 tour!

howdy friends,

wanted to share some pictures from my recent trip to the Midwest!

first stop was Erie, PA for the Eerie Horror Festival.

Eerie Horror Banner

it was held inside of the amazingly restored Warner Theatre.

festival view

they projected onto the vintage silver screen that has been used for many a year. it was very cool to see films in such a classic environment.

Erie was pretty cold…but the cold weather made for some great Fall leaves.

blue & gold

and it wouldn’t be a trip without a little clowning around… this “authentic cobblestone” street was built in the 1960’s…
abbeystone road

next up was Toledo, OH. Angel was nice enough to join me for the festival and we drove back to Toledo together. along the way we stopped in the Tremont district of Cleveland and had a great dinner at a place called Southside. during our dinner the 49er’s were in the midst of trouncing the Browns… we tried to not cheer too loudly =)

Toledo had even more fall colors! it was great to see Fall again… it’s definitely something that I miss living in Southern California.

Dakota, Seba, and Angel

lots of good food, hikes through the woods, and bike rides through piles of leaves in that city. also had a quick visit to their fine art museum. would love to spend more time exploring there collection sometime in the future.

well, that’s it for now. I’m pretty tired from installing windows all day… manual labor is tough! (says the desk jockey…)

but before I go, one more festival annoucement for CERTIFIED. we are an Official Selection at the Fancine Festival De Cine Fantastico in Malaga, Spain!

Fancine Laurel


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