smells like…

smells like…

hey fellow intertubers!

this past week has included some pretty intense learning for me. I’ve been doing some training on a new system called SMOKE. it’s a very powerful film/video finishing program. wow that I’m freelancing again, I felt like it would be a good idea to add to my toolset. additionally, the new version of Final Cut Pro has encouraged me to learn other software.

many, Many, MANY people have lamented the new FCPX program. so I really don’t feel the need to go down that path. click HERE for an article written by Bob Sarles – the editor that introduced me to FCP in 2001.

in short, the new version of the program that I’ve been using the last 10 years has removed so many features that it has now been rendered unworkable for a film/video professional. maybe they will fix the program in the future? or maybe editors will migrate back to AVID, Premiere, or where ever else they started originally.

in honor of this mind-boggling decision by Apple, I present this video. enjoy =)


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