The Making of “Return of the Jedi”

The Making of “Return of the Jedi”

howdy hi there friends!

a while back someone in my lovely family (can’t remember if it was Mom & Dad or Teal) got me the official “Making of” book for RETURN OF THE JEDI. I’d already read the two previous books so was familiar with the style and content.

these books are incredibly dense, especially in the early going script and development stages and in order to get through the first one, I challenged myself to read 30 minutes a day. this ended up being a pretty good strategy so I carried it over to the other two.

over the course of the trilogy I learned so much about the making of these films that I grew up loving and that have continued to influence me on personal, creative, and professional levels. I also gained a new found respect for George Lucas. he had a bum rap for the prequels, and maybe a bit of that was deserved, but it’s a shame it has distracted people from who he is. namely, an extremely generous, hardworking visionary who’s courage to risk everything changed filmmaking as we know it. that might sound like hyperbole, but after learning more about how STAR WARS, EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and RETURN OF THE JEDI were made, I fully stand by it!

while I read I tweeted each day new discoveries, and you can see that below in the Storify of it. there’s a couple places where the item warranted further investigation – so I’ve also included that! hope you enjoy my journey through #MakingofJedi.

let me know if there’s any thing your curious about, and I’ll see if the book has an answer!


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