the pale blue dot

the pale blue dot

greetings friends!

the last couple weeks have been a pretty intense time for me. honestly it has been hard to maintain a creative focus…but luckily I have enough “procedural” type work to keep me busy.

for example, “Certified” is moments away from being done. all that remains is outputting the final picture and sound to tape. (woohoo!) so there is loads to do with festival submissions, dvd labels, emails, etc. “Updating Paige” needs music contracts filled out, color corrected material output to tape, and so on. I’m trying to plow through as much of that while I’m NOT feeling creative…so as I emerge from the funk I’ll be ready to rock.

having a diversity of projects and “to-do’s” is something that has really done wonders for my over-all productivity and sanity. I spend a TREMENDOUS amount of time waiting for feedback, elements, info, etc. from other people. if I was only working on one thing at a time – each time this happened my entire work would slam to a halt while I waited. it took a while, but finally I realized that this WASN’T going to change. you can’t force people to get back to you sooner…often I’m sure they wish they could respond sooner as well! so I adapted to be able to move quickly and efficiently between projects.

some of my projects need large blocks of time (creative writing, editing, brainstorming), some can be interrupted and restarted at a moments notice. for instance, while “waiting” yesterday I registered “Side Affects” with the WGA and update my webpage. then when responses did come I no longer had to worry about those small “to-do’s.”

endless discussion could be made about clients and collaboration and increasing productivity…but sometimes it’s nice to pull back and think about the bigger picture. this video really reminded me that it’s a beautiful and promising world. it inspired me to dream bigger.


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