The Real Luke: Danger Disk

The Real Luke: Danger Disk

howdy friends!

a couple of months ago I set out to make the most epic episode of The Real Luke yet. I’d been growing my beard for the last 5 months and had been meditating daily on the filmography of Michael Bay. I was ready.

the film would take place in 3 different locations. first we would be shooting by the Pacific Ocean, then in the desert, and finally in the mountains. at each location I would have a different length beard and slightly different costume to indicate the passage of time.

at our first two locations everything went great. at the ocean and in the desert we got the shots we needed without being hassled. which was a good thing, because once again I was shooting without permits. we were in the mountains, filming a scene where The Real Luke crosses a creak when disaster struck. A scan disk full of footage fell into the stream

and quickly disappeared beneath the rushing water.

exclamations of dismay (that shall not be quoted) were uttered (at volumes best not to mention).

but all was not lost! using the knowledge he’d acquired as a white water rafting guide, Angel was able to find the disk. he followed the flow of the water to where it had been wedged in between two rocks and fished it out. naturally it was soaked.

Angel charges.
white water Angel

but would the vital footage it contained be ok? would the water have fried the circuit board?

if the footage was lost, the project could NOT be completed. many of the clips on the disk featured me in the desert, with a two-month long beard. that beard have been shaved for the scene we were currently filming. so I’d either have to drastically change my plans for the piece OR wait until my beard grew out and go back to the desert to reshoot. neither option was that appealing.

we tried not to worry about this…it was what it was. either we were hosed or we weren’t. fretting about it wouldn’t make the footage come back. so we finished shooting the mountain scenes and headed home to LA.

as soon as we were back into cell zone, I google searched “dropped scan disk in water.” there were stories of people who had retrieved pictures off of disks that had gone through the wash…so I was hopeful. we decided to wait a week and let the card dry out before we attempted to load it.

so, here’s video from when I attempt to load the card for the first time…

the teaser for “The Real Luke: Pursuance of Justice” is nearing completion. picture is locked, voice over is done, sound mixing is complete…all that is left is color correction. hopefully it will be online in the next couple of weeks!

stay tuned!


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