the Top 10 of 2010

the Top 10 of 2010

10.) Sheep Ranch Drive
this is one of my favorite drives. well, the part in the foothills at least. they are some really really fun roads. long straight aways, perfectly banked turns, almost no cross traffic. I saved listening to Girl Talk’s new album “All Day” just for this part of the road.


Plus, I had a really great time with my Pops in Sheep Ranch. it snowed! in November!!!

ice vines

9.) -2
ever smoked a cigar in -2 Fº weather? I hadn’t…until I went to South Dakota. let me tell you. anywhere below 10º really becomes painful.

8.) Infra reds
the quintessential Air Max 90 was rereleased this year. and I copped a pair.

infra reds

7.) Inception
what a great flick. an action movie with all sorts of surreal and sci-fi elements throughout. never have I seen a movie and then talked about it as much with so many people. it worked out well that the film was released right before comic con, as it could always be used as an icebreaker.

6.) Best Day of Riding
I love snowboarding when it is storming. less people, more fresh snow, and a wonderful sense of isolation. it’s just you, the mountain, and the storm. in February we had one of those days at Mammoth. run after run through untracked snow…and as an added bonus, an ice-beard.

ice beard

5.) the SD meal at Animal
earlier this year, we finished the post-production on another cartoon – Angelina Ballerina. to celebrate, we went out to an amazing dinner at the amazing restaurant Animal. great food & great company. I look forward to working with this group for many years.

our director, Davis

4.) New Orleans Trip
the Big Easy has been at the top of my travel destinations for many a year. getting to travel there with my family for Jazz fest was an amazing experience. the culture, the music, and ooooh the food. more about the trip here.

mango freeze & boiled crawfish

3.) National Pride
anyone who knows me knows that I’m not much of a “sports” fan. I prefer to be doing rather than watching…and when I do “do” I lean towards more personal activities. but this year, I caught World Cup Fever. and I got it bad. everyday I was getting up early to watch the games…sometimes from the Pub, sometimes from my computer.

it was at one such match that I had my best sports moment in years. the USA was tied with Algeria…we needed to win in order to advance…then in the 90th minute, Landon Donavan scored a goal.

the place went nuts. there was so much energy in the room, everyone was drawn together in celebration. it was amazing.

2.) Stepping It Up
Got A Nerve, The Real Luke: Pursuance of Justice, APT. 5, and Updating Paige…this year has seen not only my best looking work – but the best acting, shooting, editing, sound design, and scoring. the grinding of 2009 paid off and the proof is on screen.

1.) Certified
but the real cherry on top is the project I put the most into. it is my short film the twilight zone inspired, period drama “Certified.” this project has literally been years in the making. for the last 5 years I’ve been working on finding that great short script that was worth investing serious time and money into.

during that time, I read a ton of scripts, I wrote many a screenplay, and I poured through anthologies of science fiction shorts…but it wasn’t until a random IM from a recent acquaintance that I was introduced to the tale that would become my film.

between takes

we just finished the film this week…but I won’t be able to release it on the internet until its Festival run is complete.

however, if you’re in the LA area – I’d love to see you at the Cast & Crew screening, Sunday, 1/23 5pm. details and rsvp info are here.


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