the Twilight Zone, season 1

the Twilight Zone, season 1

howdy friends,

over the past few months I’ve been working on improving different skills. I’ve been practicing French, drawing, and swimming. I’ve also been watching a show which all though I count it as a huge creative influence, I’m not sure how many of the episodes I’ve actually watched… I’m talking about the Twilight Zone.

I started at the very beginning, Season 1 Episode 1 and I’ll be working my way through the entire series. expect updates like this one as I finish up seasons. a lot of the episodes end with a characters untimely, and often deserved demise. many have a sudden reverse or reveal of some nature… often this inspired a “whomp whomp” comment.

what about you? any favorites from the series, future episodes I should keep an eye out for?



s1 e01 – an air force guy thinks he is all alone… but it turns out he’s just hallucinating in a test facility.

s1 e02 – a sidewalk salesman cheats death… but then learns it will cost a little girl her life. he tries to cheat death again – this time leading to his own happy demise.

s1 e03 – a man named fate saves two gun fighters from themselves via magical potion that makes them both bad gun fighters.

s1 e04 – an aging starlet wishes herself into an old film of hers.

s1 e05 – an ad exec visiting home town travels back in time to his youth, but only ends up hurting his past self.

s1 e06 – a man makes deal with devil for invulnerability and eternal life, then thinks he’s actually going to be stuck in jail for “life” so asks devil to be killed. why not escape? I dunno. guess he wasn’t too bright.

s1 e07 – a man is in “jail” on asteroid by himself. gets a robot woman as companion. he pouts instead of immediately getting frisky with her. he eventually falls for her, but can’t take her back to earth. (whomp whomp.)

s1 e08 – a compulsive reader survives an H-bomb attack. at first dismayed that he is only survivor, he is then excited about being able to read uninterrupted… until he breaks his glasses.

s1 e09 – a man with a weak heart is killed by his own reoccurring nightmare.

s1 e10 – a submarine captain has his own private hell riding the ghost of a ship he sunk during WWII.

s1 e11 – three test pilots return from space… but then each one begins to disappear. not just physically, but their past is also erased… like they never existed!

s1 e12 – an amoral loser meets an old man with clairvoyance and proceeds to exploit him until the old man gives him a pair of shoes that lead to the loser’s demise.

s1 e13 – a con-man who can shape shift his face impersonates a recently deceased musician then a mobster, but it’s a boxer’s face leads to his demise.

s1 e14 – a weapons engineer & family seeks to leave planet the night before the apocalypse and head to a new planet named… Earth.

s1 e15 – a group of stranded astronauts goes all ‘Lord of the Flies’ on each other until there is only one left. and he realizes they really crashed on Earth. (whomp whomp)

s1 e16 – a woman driving cross country is pursued by a mysterious hitchhiker until she learns that she died several days before.

s1 e17 – a middle-aged small town couple wins a trip to Vegas where the husband is afflicted by “the fever.” hearing slot machines calling his name he goes crazy for a slot machine, which he thinks is following him. and then he falls out the window to his death. (this was one of my favorites!)

s1 e18 – a World War One pilot travels 42 years into the future. After admitting that he was a coward who abandoned his wingman, he travels back in time to save the man.

s1 e19 – a soldier in WWII discovers he can predict the deaths of his comrades by a glow on their faces… then he sees the glow on his own. (whomp whomp)

s1 e20 – three astronauts, lost in space find a planet that looks exactly like Earth, except that everyone is frozen in place… because it’s really a cemetery and they are about to be added to it. (whomp whomp)

s1 e21 – a woman is stuck between parallel planes of existence at a bus station. a man meets her, doesn’t believe her and has her committed. but then, finds himself in a similar predicament.

s1 e22 – after a meteor shuts down a suburban neighborhood’s power, the residents turn against each other because a kid says it reminds him of a comic book plot.

s1 e23 – a movie star has a psychotic break thinking he is the character he was playing. everyone thinks he’s crazy. but eventually he shows them all by escaping into his fantasy through door on set.

s1 e24 – an aged professor discovers that a collogue with a mysterious civil war journal is immortal. and wants to marry his daughter. but when a previous wife appears and shoots him he rapidly ages… and dies, turning to dust.

s1 e25 – two astronauts crash land on Mars. one dies and the other is afraid to exit, but when he does he finds a race that looks like humans. They build him an Earth house… but it’s really a zoo. (whomp whomp)

s1 e26 – an old west criminal is saved from the noose by a scientist with a time traveling machine. the criminal promptly beats up scientist and escapes into NYC. but he can’t handle the noise and starts to crack and goes back, fights with random robber and is strangled, but then the robber ends up in time machine and back in the noose.

s1 e27 – an aging boxer gets a wish of protection from a young boy. the boys wish changes the outcome of fight, but boxer can’t believe it – and the outcome reverts to normal.

s1 e28 – after being killed by police, a lowlife criminal gets everything he ever wanted in the afterlife. but slowly he realizes, that he isn’t in heaven.

s1 e29 – a creepy young girl visits a woman who can’t remember her past and precedes to creep her out. then a man with knowledge of her tragic history arrives. it becomes clear the little girl is her… and also in her imagination. it turns out it was the man killed her mother. he attacks her and in struggle he falls down stairs to his demise.

s1 e30 – an ad exec has a nervous breakdown and is transported back to 1888. but it’s just a dream. however, he then he decides it’s not and leaves the imaginary train… in the process jumping to his own very real demise. (whomp whomp)

s1 e31 – a lovesick young man visits a Professor A. Daemon and gets a love potion. after giving it to a girl who doesn’t like him, she falls insanely in love with him. and he hates it.

s1 e32 – a washed up musician with a drinking problem throws himself in front of a truck. when he wakes no one can see him, because he’s a ghost. somehow he decides life is really worth living and gets a second chance.

s1 e33 – a oddball eccentric man is fired, his car is wrecked, he’s evicted and then sees a man at a bar who is only visible in the mirror. this is his guardian angel and he fixes the day but takes everything unique away from him. but the man would rather keep his personality and bad luck. (another of my favorites, it was quirky and very well directed)

s1 e34 – young woman at a special department store. she buys a thimble from a strange women in a department that doesn’t exist. but it turns out… she’s actually a manaquine. (whomp whomp)

s1 e35 – a struggling baseball team gets a robot pitcher. but when the commisioner says he needs a heart he loses his will to compete.

s1 e36 – a playwrite has the power to bring his characters to life through a magical dictaphone. when his wife catches him with another women, she doesn’t believe him… which leads to her ultimate demise.

  • Anthony DeToro
    Posted at 00:09h, 22 October Reply

    I still have nightmares about Ep08

    • Luke
      Posted at 14:30h, 23 October Reply

      that one is a classic!!

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