three point essay

three point essay

hello friends,

sorry for the lack of posts recently! I was just back home in Bremerton, WA and while going through boxes of old stuff came across a bunch of fun stuff that I wrote in high school and junior high.

here’s an essay that I wrote as a sophomore.

I don’t remember for certain, but if I had to guess I’d say the assignment was to “write an essay arguing to sides of an issue.” and it would seem, that the I took issue with the very assignment itself.

looking back on it now, did essay writing help me? probably. in college, I wrote a LOT of essays. knowing how to craft them was extremely helpful in all the critical studies classes I took in film school. but since graduation have I written any essays? I don’t think so… on the other hand, while I didn’t do a great deal of creative writing in college, I’ve done a ton of it since graduating.

so, I while I agree with my 16 year-old self’s desire for more creative projects, I now see the value in essay writing – at least for someone who’s planning on attending university.

to my fellow writers, what was your early experience with writing? did you clash with your instructors like I did? maybe write on your own outside of class?


p.s. I also found a hand-written sci-fi story… complete with maps and spaceship drawings. looking forward to sharing that with you all soon!

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