to-do’s & a new manager

to-do’s & a new manager

howdy friends,

so I’m shooting “Certified” in just two days!!! super stoked. the last week has been pretty dang busy, production meetings, casting, rehearsals, financing, shot lists, blocking, wardrobe, props, logistics… AND I’ve been working my day job editing films, videos, cartoons, etc the whole time.

here’s a scan of my to-do list this week…there are other pieces of paper, iPhone alerts and so on, but this will give you a bit of an example of what I’ve been doing.

click to make bigger on flickr.
Certified To-Do's

and in other news, I just signed with a manager for writing & directing! my good friend Ana Clavell is going to be working with me. this is really exciting for me on several levels. first off, because Ana and I “get” each other. she already knows my sense of humor, style, and what I’m interested in doing. and secondly, because it’s going to be great having someone hustling for me. and finally, it will be very helpful to have her continued guidance and mentoring for the projects I pursue.

here’s a back of Ana and I from back in the day when I was her assistant editor…and featured zombie!
Ana & Luke

ok, back to editing! tomorrow I’m going to be visiting set and finalizing shots, lens choices, props, etc… follow along on!


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