urban treasures

urban treasures

hey friends,

sorry for the delay in posting. I’d like to blame work, but I suppose the new “Call of Duty” video game is also partly to blame.

so, after visiting Teal in Ann Arbor I went to NYC to hang out with my friends Troy and Daisy. the weather was nice and cool, a little rain, and lots of trees starting to change. we ate a bunch of great food, had some amazing beer, and went to a couple new museums: MOCA and the Brooklyn Museum.

Troy & Daisy at MOCA

both had some interesting works in them. the MOCA had one of the best collections of Picasso’s and Juan Gris’ that I’ve ever seen. I’m not a huge fan of modern art, but doing enjoy the aesthetics of cubism. there is something pleasurable in trying to figure out the puzzle that is the cubist image. you get to wrap your brain around the multiple viewpoints, which makes it a pleasurable experience. at least for me.

on the other hand, MOCA also had a special exhibit of Magritte‘s work. here’s a couple of his more famous works, “The Son of Man” and “The Treachery of Images.”

Magritte, The Son of Man

Margritti this is not a pipe

the exhibit was interesting, but I realized that I really don’t like surrealism. it doesn’t emotionally impact on me like Impressionism, and it doesn’t appeal to me aesthetically like cubism. I find it too encumbered by semiotics. not too get too “art school,” but there’s a lot of meaning and intention in surrealism, it’s just hidden from the average viewer. it’s meant to be obfuscated – and I don’t really enjoy that. I do enjoy it’s “weirdness,” but that will only take me so far. the images I’ve posted are actually ones I like. of course, these are very general thoughts on the movement, I welcome anyone to explain their feelings on surrealism and perhaps I will change me mind!

here are some pictures from around NYC.

7th Ave Stop

skull sticker

Troy, Daisy, & Luke

one of the coolest things I got to do was go metal detecting in Prospect Park. who knew there were treasures to be found inside the city!

en route to detecting 2
en route to detecting 5
Brooklyn library
Luke treasure hunting

my loot, three silver coins. one of them is a Norwegian coin from 1901 !!!

more pictures from the trip can be found here.


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