Alaska! part 4 – Fairbanks Moons Sandboxed Dinos!

Alaska! part 4 – Fairbanks Moons Sandboxed Dinos!

Just got back from Mammoth an hour or so ago…feeling super burnt, can’t really concentrate on any
 real work, so I thought I do another entry in the Alaska trip. Only 1 more after this…

We were in Fairbanks before and after going to Barrow…and since it’s short, I thought I do it first.
 Barrow I want to spend some time with and really process my thoughts about the place…it was 

So here’s Fairbanks.

waiting for the hotel shuttle after the train…


3 views of birch trees.

fairbanks birch
fairbanks yellow hills
birch trees





Teal and I explored downtown Fairbanks and had coffee at this place. While there, Teal
suggested that we look for our friend’s coffee card…what were the chances that we’d find 
our Bremerton turned Fairbanks friend’s card at this 1 coffee shop?

They got 2 more stamps. It was the first card I found in the “B’s”.


Later we had dinner with Terry and Bill. Always good food and great conversation.

terry and bill

My sister is silly.


I’m not sure if the dino-sandbox in the Fairbanks airport was an art piece or a place for kids to play…
I think it worked as both.


this plane would take us to barrow. it might look like a regular 737…but we boarded from the
rear. and there were only about 15 rows of seats. all the rest of the plane is cargo.

there are no roads to Barrow. Everything must be flown, or barged in…this was one 
of the flights.


that’s all for tonight…Barrow, next…really this time I mean it!


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