Behind the Tentacle!

Behind the Tentacle!

howdy hi,

things have been heating up with my short TIME TO EAT recently – quite a few new festival announcements have been coming in. look forward to sharing that news with y’all soon.

in the meantime, I’m super stoked to be able to present “Behind The Tentacle” the extra long, special behind the scenes commentary version of the film. a while back, Kimberley and I were brainstorming additional pieces of content we could make for the film… and I wondered “hey, would it be funny to have a commentary track that was longer than the film?” it seemed like it might work, so John and I recorded the track.

but as life would have it, the “day” job was keeping me pretty busy… so the project didn’t advance much at all. in fact, it just sat on my hard drive. until I wrapped HarmonQuest – then I had time to dive back in an cut it.

hope you find this behind-the-scenes look at the process amusing and informative!

any parts of the process you’d like to know more about? let me know and I’ll see what I can do.


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