best pics of 2012

best pics of 2012

hey friends,

have a collection of my favorite iPhone pics from 2012 for you. my photography has always been a reflection of where I find myself. I rarely go out to “take” photos… which is why having a phone with a camera has been such a boon. it’s been nice to see the technology improve over the years. you can see ALL the iPhone pictures here. there was a several month gap this last year when the phone’s camera basically stopped functioning. it was rather vexing, but did lead to the “Disposable Camera Project,” which had its own charms.

but enough about past projects, here a few of my favorites from 2012!

persimmons on blue

u stoly my <3

silly ski toy

editing view

Lee's Liquors

rollin' w/ Teddy

ancient canister

Troy & Daisy



Luke & Mom

V & Amanda

you can see all fifty-three of my favorite 2012 pics on my flickr page right here.


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