Comic-Con 2011

Comic-Con 2011

hey friends,

another year, another comic con. after a fun filled, and exhausting 4 days in San Diego I hit the ground running on a new gig…so I have yet to go through my notes from the convention. expect some stories and insights in the coming weeks.

just a small teaser about one of the things I saw – it’s a new webseries that is pretty remarkable in scope. it will be over 40 episodes…and almost 4 hours worth of content. my friend and collaborator Brett Pawlak was the Director of Photography and was nice enough to take me along to their panel and introduce me to many of the people that made the project a reality.

here’s the trailer (it might not show up in Safari)

ANNNNNND…I have another festival to announce for CERTIFIED – Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival!

Dragon*Con Poster

I’ll be going to Atlanta at the beginning of September! I’m pretty excited to get to spend some more time in the South…even better that it’s at a comic convention =)

anyone have some firsthand information on the city they’d care to share?


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