Daisy Solis Interview: part 2

Daisy Solis Interview: part 2

hey friends,

this week we conclude the interview with the amazing & talented Daisy Solis. you can read part 1 here.


“Garden of Eden”
new collage #2

LG: So are you doing some paintings now, or just the large collages?

DS: Yes, I’m working on some paintings.

After looking at my last series of paintings, I thought that I held back on them with the paint. I was very “safe” with it. Which I think comes along with learning how to use the paint.

With the paintings that I’m doing now, I decided that I want to make these large paintings – I don’t want to be any restrictions with size.

I really enjoy painting now, I feel like I’m a lot more confident and that I can take a lot more risks with the paint than even a year ago.

Not second guessing myself, just attacking the canvas and doing whatever I want.

LG: You’ve mentioned a couple times “safe” and “taking risks,” is there something you do to tap into that more open mindset? Like, “I just got home from work and now I need to tap into this artistic mode.”

DS: For me, even when I’m at work – painting, is all I think about. I don’t think there’s ever a time at work where I’m not thinking about it, it’s not the first thing in my mind, but I’m always thinking about it.

I can’t wait to get off of work to make work. To do what I really want to do.

I don’t let anything stand in the way of me being in that studio and doing what I really love to do.

But it is challenging, once you are in there and you are in front of a blank canvas it is difficult to get back that energy that you had when you were at work thinking about it.

What I normally do is refer to the collection of images found in my notebooks that have inspired me. Reread jotted down notes, and reconnect to that energy.

sketch book page

Maybe I have a little glass of wine or two, you know.

[LG laughs]

Those notebooks are a very important part of the process. I’m attached to the images that I’ve collected and they inspire me.

So I get my motivation back and start making work.

sketch book page

LG: So what’s the next thing you are going to work on?

DS: Well, I haven’t made very many large paintings. It goes back to my fear of ruining a large piece of canvas. Besides my sketches and collections of books that I’ve set aside I have a set of collages that I’ve built that are going to be paintings.

So my goal is to go in and make these paintings. I want large, maybe twelve foot paintings. So they will require a lot out of me physically, while I stand on a ladder and paint section by section. I feel that this will be a really big challenge ahead..

I want to focus on these images. I feel like I’ve made these collages with the intention of painting them, then I put them aside cause I’m afraid of painting them.

But that’s my goal for the end of the year, to make these large paintings. To trust myself and trust what I’m doing with the paint. The image is there, I just need to paint it.

I think every artist second guesses themselves. And I think it’s very important for me, and something I’ve learned with past work is that is to just start it and just do it. Do what’s natural, what feels natural and it will turn out fine.

LG: Trust your instincts?

DS: Yeah, if you want to make that brush stroke, do it. Don’t think “is that going to be a good brush stroke?” or not.

“Grape Woman”
Grape Woman

“Leopard Woman”
Leopard Woman

LG: If you weren’t making art, what do you think you would do?

DS: You know I ask myself that all the time, cause it’s such a hard way to make a living and there’s really nothing else I’d want to do. There really isn’t.

And I don’t think there’s anything I’d be good at either. And it’s partly because I don’t want to be good at anything else – I just want to be good at what I want to do. And this is what I want to do and I’m going to stick by it.

LG: That’s a great answer.

LG: So what’s your favorite episode of The Real Luke? Or a favorite Real Luke moment from “real” life.

[DS laughs]

DS: Well, let’s see….hmmm…I don’t know if you do it in the episodes, cause I haven’t seen them all. But you kind of state the obvious all the time. [LG laughs] It’s so obvious that it’s obvious, but I like that about you. I don’t know if that makes any sense.

LG: It’s good enough.

DS: But I liked the last project you did.

LG: Certified?

DS: Yeah, I loved that one. The Real Luke…you know. I don’t really get the sense of humor.

[LG laughs]

LG: Not a fan, not a fan of the Real Luke apparently. [DS laughs]

So where can people go to see more of your work?

DS: You can see more of my work at www.DaisySolis.com.

LG: Great, thanks so much!

[End interview.]

well, as a friend and fan of Daisy’s – I’ve been excited to see her work progress and grow over the years. ever since that first show I saw at Cal Arts, it’s been clear that she has a very strong voice and distinct style. I look forward to seeing it displayed in the large paintings & collages she will be creating.

make sure to check out her site to see more of her work.


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