favorite photos 2021

favorite photos 2021

hello friends,

I really don’t post much to this blog at all anymore… but I still feel compelled to upload my favorite photos of the year.

2021 didn’t have a ton of travel, I didn’t shoot a new film, but we did move to a new neighborhood — and I spent a lot of time working on our house. construction photos don’t make for the most artsy of shots, but in between remodeling, I did manage to get some photos I really liked.

Bogus Basin view

I spent a fair amount of time at the local ski area, Bogus Basin in 2021. This photo looking out over the Treasure Valley really captures how magical a ski area can be.

Snowy Pond

we took a lot of walks along the river and around Quinn’s Pond this day was especially beautiful. I love how the sky, clouds, lake, and snow all blur together.

Gwen & Larry at Ueland

took this photo on 35mm of my parents back in Euland — which is where SUNDOWN TRAIL was filmed. hiking there is still one of my favorite things to do when back in Bremerton. besides the emotional connection, I really like the contrast and the dappled light. looking at this photo makes me FEEL like being in the forest. I also like the solid colors that they are wearing.

Glowing Bark 35mm
Glowing Bark

the same tree taken on both 35mm and the iPhone. I really like seeing the comparison of the two. I think the 35mm shot is a better photo–but the iPhone does a good job of capturing the moment.

Misaligned Manhole, Yellow

misaligned manhole covers delight me. I’m not sure why I get such a big kick out of them, but I do. getting to explore Boise was fun for a number of reasons, and one of them was getting to find new contractor stamps in the sidewalks. I’ve collected all of them here.

Snowshoe selfie

one of my favorite trips of the year was when we went to McCall. it was Sofya’s first time snowshoeing and we had a blast exploring Ponderosa State Park. the snow in the beard and the smiles show what a great time we were having.

Happy Place

we are making an effort to take advantage of the local activities, like going to the Family Farm Stead. getting to feed the animals was a particular highlight. I love how excited Sofya looks in this photo.

Butterfly Jeans 35mm

getting a shot with a shallow depth-of-field can be tricky… and perhaps more so when twisting around to photograph a butterfly on the back of your leg. I really like how the texture of my jeans softens, sharpens, and softens again with the orange of the butterfly popping in the middle.

Icicle Sunset

the color palette in this is very similar to the photo of Quinn’s Pond, which is probably part of why I like it. but I also like the composition, the icicle in focus, the path to the shed out-of-focus. the door is open signaling that even though the sun is setting, the work is not yet done.

hope you enjoyed those selects. to see all my favorite photos from 2021, please see the album here.


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