FEARnet intro

FEARnet intro

hello friends,

several years ago my short film CERTIFIED premiered on the website & cable channel FEARnet. at the time it was one of the leading places to see genre (especially horror) film. for the release they asked that I make a special introduction video – something that would be exclusive to FEARnet.

I wasn’t sure what to do, so I watched a few of the others. they were pretty boring. often the filmmakers just sat in a studio or living room and introduced their film. the intros didn’t tell me anything about the tone, content, sense of humor, or what to expect at all. they might as well have been a title card.

an important part of horror-comedy is well… the comedy, and if your expectations are “straight horror”, you might not pick up on the subtleties of a film. In some festivals where CERTIFIED played after very dark films, I noticed it took the audience longer to warm up… but it if it was in a more humorous block, they laughed right away. same film, but different reactions based on what came before.

so when airing with other, much darker programing – I wanted to make sure my film had a lead in that put audience in the correct frame of mind. I wanted to them to have the permission to laugh right away. I also didn’t want to spend any money… so I put on my thinking cap and after a bit, settled on this.

hope you enjoy it!


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