freelance, woohoo!

freelance, woohoo!

howdy friends,

hope you all are having a great week. this past couple weeks has been an interesting time for me. after much deliberation, I’ve decided to reenter the freelance world.

the past few years I’ve been a staff editor at a post production facility. it has been a good gig for me. I’ve gotten to work on many interesting projects, learned a lot about the technical side of post production, and made some good friends.

but, for about the last year I’ve been finding that I’m hitting a wall with the amount that I can accomplish outside of work. there is simple only SO much time in a day. and when working a full day for someone else, it eats into the amount of time that I have had for creative projects.

after working a full day, eating dinner, dealing with mail and the other chores and tasks that are part of being an adult – I felt good when I’d get an hour of solid creative work in. and folks, an hour a day isn’t that much.

being freelance will give me the extra time that I need to focus on my writing, directing, and other creative projects. it won’t be easy, but I think that it’s the right move now.

expect to hear more about this in the coming months…and of course, updates as they happen can be read at

next week I’ll post some pics and stories from Cannes…I promise=)


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