fun with beards

fun with beards

hey friends!

sorry I missed last week… have been pretty slammed with editing work.

BUT, I have something new for you this week.

last winter, I grew my traditional “winter beard” and just about everyday, I took a picture of my face. here is what four months of beard growing looks like.

of course, it would be a shame to grow a glorious beard like that and not do something fun when I shaved. so I decided to make this.

but beyond just doing something “fun” with my beard, I also wanted to help promote a future project of mine. last year I wrote a screenplay entitled “Natural ‘Stache.” it’s a comedy about Bigfoot, mustaches, and bad decisions. the story begins and ends at a Beard & Mustache Competition in Portland. so while this video wouldn’t be a part of the final movie, it takes place in the same “world.” hopefully when I send people the screenplay and the link to this video, they’ll laugh and get a general idea of the tone I’d like the movie to be.


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