it’s not all roses

it’s not all roses

hey friends,

quick post today – I wanted to share my most recent “Found in Kitsap” essay with you all.

Early Mistakes & Lasting Lessons” is a recounting of the rough start I got off to with the project.

often I feel like people, myself included, present an unrealistically positive portrayal of themselves online. they are making deals! getting into festivals! working on secret projects! but what about the things that don’t work? the disappointments and failures? it can be hard to write about these sorts of things, both from an ego standpoint and a professional one.

it’s bad form to complain about a collaborator publicly – especially when you might want to (or need to) work with them in the future… so talking about the problems in a collaborative art form can be difficult. but since I have pretty much worked on FIK on my own, it’s a bit easier to talk about how I messed up.

hope you enjoy it!


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