Kaiju Animatic

Kaiju Animatic

howdy friends!

apologies for slacking on the blogging recently, I do plan on getting back into it with a more regular clip soon.

earlier this week I was going some hard drive cleanup and I stumbled upon an animatic I’d made back in 2007. I’d completely forgotten about putting this together! it was for a “Heinz” ad competition. well, the animatic wasn’t – it represented the type of piece I wanted to make, a Japanese Kaiju or “Giant Monster” inspired ad.

it’s too bad I never made it, it would have been a really fun thing to have on the reel, but my guess is once we researching it we realized the cost was just too high to justify doing.

still, it’s a fun 30 secs… and maybe one day I’ll get to do a fun “man in suit” sort of project.



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